Phenom II x4 965 BE vs. Intel i3-2100?

Answer 965 BE is a better processorCory, look at the chart closer...

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Phenom Vs. Intel Processor?

Introduced in 2007, the Phenom is the premier personal computer processor brand from semiconductor company Advanced Micro Devices. Regarding comparison with central processing units from another se... Read More »

Can an AMD Phenom II be installed on an Intel P35 chipset?

An AMD Phenom II processor cannot be installed in a motherboard that uses the Intel P35 chipset.The P35 chipset is for Intel Core 2 processors using the LGA775 socket. Phenom II processors do not u... Read More »

Which is best A PC with 2.5 GHz Intel i3 and a Intel HD Graphic 4000 or a PC with 2.2 GHz Intel i3 with ...?

2nd one. Dedicated graphics is ALWAYS better than intel HD 4000, or any embedded graphics for that matter. Basically intel HD is good for feeding data to your display, and doing video decoding, It ... Read More »

Which games will run on intel core i3 2330m , intel HD Graphics 3000 , 4GB RAM?

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