Phases of a Saw Mill?

Answer The process of turning a living tree into a uniform piece of lumber ready for carpentry is remarkably similar to what it was 100 year ago. While the basic phases of a saw mill have stayed the same,... Read More »

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How to Choose Ball Mill Manufacturer or Ball Mill Equipment?

When you choose the type of ball mill, you must choose the right ball mill equipment and manufacturer.

How to Use an End Mill Bit?

Using an end mill bit entails using the information about it to allow the machine to do its job during the cutting process. CNC machines use information about the material being cut and the end mil... Read More »

How to Use Fly Mill Cutters?

Fly mill cutters on milling machines, both CNC or manual types, remove large areas of material. They primarily create a surface that is even and of high quality in which to base the rest of your di... Read More »

What is a tax mill?

The term tax mill refers to the tax rate on every $1,000 of real estate value that is taxable, sometimes referred to as the "millage rate." The word "mill" means "thousand."Who is Responsible?Local... Read More »