Phases of Earth's Development?

Answer The history of the Earth tells the story of one planet. Its development sits within the story of the universe, much of which is unknown. The phases of Earth's development have been studied and reco... Read More »

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The Phases of Literacy Development: Pre-Alphabetic?

The pre-alphabetic phase of reading is generally associated with younger preschool children. At this phase of development, children are aware that printed words on the page have a connection to the... Read More »

How many baked beans would it take to cover earths surface?

ok i worked it out (rough estimate)radius of earth = 6378.l km (6,378,100 meters)surface area of earth = 4*pi*radius^2 = 5.109 *10^14 square meters2 beans = 1 square centimeterso, the number of bea... Read More »

How Does Language Development Affect Cognitive Development?

Developing language skills allows children to learn syntax of a native language and increase their vocabulary. Language learning and cognition are strongly related to one another, and when language... Read More »

Can everyone in the world eat paleo without destroying the earths natural resources?

The paleo diet is a fad, a backlash to the vegetarian trend. I don't expect it to last long.