Petroleum Engineer Information?

Answer Petroleum engineers recover oil beneath the earth's surface. Petroleum engineers are not in the field digging and drilling, but are the ones responsible for locating the oil, estimating how much oi... Read More »

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Chemical Engineer Vs. Petroleum Engineer?

Chemical engineers manage the complex chemistry of modern manufacturing. Petroleum engineers specialize in the extraction of petroleum, also known as crude oil, and processing it into fuel. Both ch... Read More »

Petroleum Engineer Careers?

An individual with a petroleum engineering degree has a wide variety of careers paths from which to choose. Job prospects are extremely good for this type of engineer; according to the Colorado Sc... Read More »

Petroleum Engineer Benefits?

Petroleum engineers enjoy an unusually high level of compensation and job security relative to the rest of the engineering field. Because oil is one of the most consistently demanded commodities th... Read More »

What Are the Qualifications of a Petroleum Engineer?

Love it or loathe it, fossil fuels make the world go 'round. Oil can be refined to make gasoline and other fuels, which keeps the transportation industry, and many others, running. Petroleum engin... Read More »