Peter and John in the Temple Children's Activities?

Answer Generations of Sunday School children have learned the story of Peter and John in the temple through reenacting the healing of the lame beggar to music with the classic song, "Silver and Gold Have ... Read More »

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"The Boy Jesus in the Temple" Activities?

If you have ever been curious about what Jesus was like as a child, Luke 2 provides a glimpse at the 12-year-old Jesus in the temple that proves he already knew who he was and was setting his prior... Read More »

Peter Pan Party Activities?

Peter Pan is timeless. A character with charisma for both adults and children, Peter Pan was the boy who refused to grow up. He lived in a magical world called Never Land and only traveled back and... Read More »

Bulging vein in right temple causing eye, temple, ear, and neck pain?

Prudent* to see a general surgeon*/local homeopath [for less costs] for physical examination, relevant investigations, accurate diagnosis and permanent cure by medication and or surgical interferen... Read More »

Collision Peter and Mohinder are on the subway when time suddenly stops and Future Hiro emerges Who had Peter and Mohinder just attempted to meet with?

Isaac Mendez.Peter was trying to convince Mohinder that abilities did exist and took him to Isaac , the man he believed could paint the future.