Pests That Ruin Lawns?

Answer Pests such as white grubs, leafhoppers, chinch bugs and sod webworms seriously cause damage to lawns, according to the University of Delaware. When lawn pest populations are high, entire lawns are ... Read More »

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Pests That Eat Plant Roots?

A variety of pests cause destruction in your garden by eating plant leaves and stems. However, insects and animals that attack plant roots are often the most difficult to deal with because they typ... Read More »

Pests That Eat Green Beans?

A crop of tasty, nutritious green beans is a popular addition to home gardens. Green beans, also called string beans or snap beans, are naturally loaded with vitamins A,C and K. Unfortunately, gard... Read More »

What are some common pests that African violets get?

Some common pests that invade African violets are; soil mealie bugs are the most common and troublesome, thrips, gnats, and mites, other problems would be botritis, fungus rot, powdery mildew. You ... Read More »