Pesticides For Gardenias?

Answer Gardenia plants are small, evergreen shrubs that grow best in a warm, humid environment. Although native to Asia, they generally thrive in the southern part of the United States. Gardenia plants c... Read More »

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How much sun do gardenias need?

Gardenias are tropical bloomers and need a lot of light. Gardenias should be kept out of direct afternoon sunlight during the hottest summer months. If you're growing gardenias inside, they'll need... Read More »

What is the name of fragrant gardenias?

Gardenia jasminoides, also known as Gardenia augusta, is a bush famous for its dark, waxy-looking leaves and sweet-smelling white flowers. In the United States, gardenia jasminoides are commonly fo... Read More »

When should you prune gardenias?

On One Hand: Prune In Late SummerMost gardenia varieties bloom in the late spring and early summer. Therefore, pruning in the late summer allows the gardener to shape the plant and restrain growth... Read More »

Soil Mix for Gardenias?

Gardenias are popular houseplants in the northern United States and are garden plants in Southern regions. A delicate plant, the gardenia requires special growing conditions, including special soil... Read More »