Pest Control & Fly Traps for Apple Trees?

Answer Apple trees attract pests that by nature infest the fruits and ruin them for later picking as the apples ripen. Learning how to identify the pests and ways of treating them takes time and effort. W... Read More »

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Organic Pest Control for Apple Trees?

In a day and age when many people are trying to avoid man-made pesticides, especially on plants producing edibles, organic pest control is important to understand. According to the Colorado State U... Read More »

Pest control?

Moles?I'll feck all his lawn work even more, if it can get any worse?Hey! I'll improve it, who said I don't know anything about landscape gardening?Anyhow I'm a good pest, look at all this lovely t... Read More »

Do you need pest control?

On One Hand: Benefits of Pest Control.Pest control helps to eliminate and prevent potential health and structural risks from ants, bees, cockroaches, fleas, mice, rats, termites and wasps. Such pes... Read More »

Bats & Pest Control?

Bats are both a pest and benefit to human habitats. They are the world's only flying mammal and can be found everywhere in the world except Antarctica. Sometimes they become a pest when they roost ... Read More »