Perverts in chat rooms?

Answer all of them, look into google and type in chat site, teen chat site etc until they are gone

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How to Start My Own Chat Site With Chat Rooms?

A chat site allows multiple users to discuss topics of interest to them in real time. Although there are many ways to start your own chat site, with chat rooms for all kinds of topics, the most rob... Read More »

Does aim have chat rooms and how do you get in the chat rooms ?

Add your name to your buddy list, highlight your screen name, then press alt+c and type what chat room you want to enter where it says room name. Chats that are popular include: "Chat, Chat1, Chat2... Read More »

When were chat rooms created?

The CompuServe CB simulator, which went public in 1980, is considered the first online real-time chat room. In the mid-'80s, PlayNet combined the chat room concept with online games like chess or b... Read More »

Who made the first chat rooms?

Not one person can say he made the first chat room, but it is said by some that it was invented by Jarkko Oikarinen. Internet relay chat spread across the Internet in 1988.References:Xtreem Connex:... Read More »