Persuasive Speech Writing Topics?

Answer In school and college, you are often asked to write and give persuasive speeches. It's certainly a transferable skill, as being able to win people over to your way of thinking is quite useful in th... Read More »

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Persuasive Speech Topics for a 5-Minute Speech?

While speeches can be nerve-wracking, the persuasive speech is possibly one of the harder types of speeches. Informative speeches simply present information. Persuasive speeches, however, must sway... Read More »

Exciting Persuasive Speech Topics?

An exciting and persuasive speech topic incorporates factual evidence with analysis on a subject of importance. Relating the topic to an audience and outlining the potential consequences of the sub... Read More »

Persuasive Speech Topics for School?

A persuasive speech takes a certain point of view and attempts to convince listeners that it is the right point of view to have. For example, a speech on the benefits of religion in personal life w... Read More »

Persuasive Speech Topics on Deer?

Sometimes, choosing a persuasive speech topic for your students can be a challenge. If you know of something taking place in your community, it's always a good opportunity to discuss that topic in ... Read More »