Persuasive Prompts for Debates?

Answer The most effective debate prompts engage the debaters as well as the audience in issues that each find significant, while providing multiple avenues for approaching the subjects from different poin... Read More »

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How to Add REG With No Prompts?

The Windows Registry is a database of settings and programs which are used by Microsoft Windows. Many applications, including Windows itself, can have their behavior modified by altering registry e... Read More »

Ideas for Expository Prompts?

Expository writing is writing that informs, explains, defines, or instructs. Letters, instructions, newspaper and magazine articles, reports and research papers are all examples of expository writi... Read More »

How to Write Essay Prompts?

An essay prompt provides a writer with a topic for her essay. It does not provide a writer with a thesis, however. Instead, it establishes a debate or describes an issue with the aim of provoking t... Read More »

List of TOEFL Prompts?

The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) measures a person's ability to effectively use English. One of the ways in which this skill is measured is through the assignment of writing prompt... Read More »