Personality wise, what is the difference between the 9th, 10, and 11th Doctor Who?

Answer 9th was all Business, he seemed more Technical and had an almost military like-precision and attitude when i t came to fighting. He was also sarcastic, sassy, caring, protective, and a great leader... Read More »

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Where can you find a site the has a pic and description of every controll in the 11th doctor's TARDIS from Doctor Who?

I'm not too sure about a website (although you could try the official BBC Doctor Who website) but 'The TARDIS Handbook' by Steve Tribe has some quite detailed photographs and descriptions of the co... Read More »

Who's on the other side of that computer screen, personality wise?

Hmm, well, I'll start out with i have a temper, lol, and get angered easily, not one of my best features xD. I'm 23 years old, live in Seattle, Washington, I am of the democratic party, hence why I... Read More »

Health wise, is there a huge difference between being Vegetarian and being Vegan?

To Cliff. just saying that Vitamin B12 comes from bacteria not animals. It only exists so much in meat because of how unclean it is. It can certainly be found it vegetables that aren't washed prope... Read More »

What is the difference between a naturopathic doctor&a regular doctor?

The difference between a naturopathic doctor (ND) and an allopathic (regular) doctor (MD) is philosophy, training and practice. Naturopathic medicine operates under the belief system that the body ... Read More »