Personal cars should be sold to only those who have parking place other wise NO?

Answer ~~In the USA, selling a car has nothing to do with having a parking place. If a person can pay for the car or qualify a loan, they get a car.~~

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What happens to new cars not sold?

New cars that are not sold face a variety of fates. Most commonly, an unsold vehicle is put into rental or loaner status, where the vehicle is titled to the dealership and loaned or rented to servi... Read More »

How many cars are sold in the U.S. annually?

According to the National Automobile Dealers Association, car dealers in the U.S. sold 13.2 million automobiles in 2008. This figure represents a decrease of 18 percent from the previous year. Toyo... Read More »

How many cars are sold each year?

On average, 16 million to 17 million new cars, SUVs and trucks are sold each year in the United States. The economy and market dictate the exact number each

How many new cars are sold annually?

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, in the US Dept. of Transportation, there were 5,642,000 new car sales in 2008 (the most recent year for which data are available). An additiona... Read More »