Personal Income-Tax Checklist?

Answer One of the most frustrating occurrences during tax season is to sit down and begin to prepare your return, or arrive at your accountant or tax preparer's office, only to discover that you're missin... Read More »

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Personal Hygiene Checklist?

Personal hygiene is important for your appearance and good health. It includes practices to help you stay presentable and clean your body properly. While your daily grooming routine includes bathin... Read More »

What is personal income tax?

The personal income tax is a tax that levied on the income of individuals. In general, the personal income tax refers to the income taxes paid to the federal and state governments by those earning ... Read More »

How do I calculate personal income tax?

Get the Right FormsObtain form 1040, 1040A or 1040 EZ, as applicable, and the 1040, 1040A, or 1040 EZ instruction booklet, which can be downloaded from, obtained from a public library, from... Read More »

What is a personal income tax rate?

The personal income tax rate refers to the highest percentage of income taxes you pay. Since the United States uses a progressive system, you pay different percentage rates on different income leve... Read More »