Person on youtube shooting illegal birds, turtles, etc...?

Answer One thing to keep in mind is that unless the person tells you in one of the videos where he lives, you can't assume that he's actually breaking the law. Laws can vary drastically from country to c... Read More »

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Can an US citizen marry an illegal person and adopt her illegal child in Massachusetts?

What are some Camcorders/Camera's Good for shooting Youtube videos?

Any will do - assuming the device is used within its limitations.For $600 (assuming that is what you are planning to spend), you are in the mid range of consumer-grade camcorders - but the video ca... Read More »

YouTube downloading illegal?

Actually youtube is free video, which itself is illegal in someplaces, but its looked over,Downloading is alright as long as the you tube video does not violate copyright, at least it was untill yo... Read More »

Is it Illegal to get videos off of youtube?