Persians livin in Iran...what is the quickest way to sign in to facebook via proxy ?

Answer you can use AOL 9.5

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Persians, where can I download a good proxy?

@JIM : Just Get Away From Here !here is some links that can help you . kar mikonan , check kardam .EDIT 1 :And Check These !!!http:... Read More »

What is the quickest and least expensive way to let a biological father sign over parental rights?

Answer Since each state has its own lawsgoverning such an action, it is hard to say without knowing where you live.There is however nothing quick about the process.Judges are not that open to letti... Read More »

How do i sign up for email through a proxy?

Find Proxy SiteFind a working proxy site--they change frequently. Using a search engine search for terms such as: "proxy site," "web proxy" or "online proxy." Go through the search results until yo... Read More »

Do all legal owners of condos have to sign proxy votes?

Usually, proxy votes are signed by owners who cannot attend the annual meeting. As well, best practices dictate that proxy votes can be cast on votes for agenda items only.