Perming Curly Hair?

Answer Many people think that curly hair is impossible to perm--but it isn't. In fact, because perms add extra wave and body to your hair, this can be the exact procedure you need to achieve more defined ... Read More »

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How to Help Hair Growth From Perming?

Perms can add fun and versatility when applied correctly to healthy hair. A perm is a chemical process that alters the cuticle of the hair shaft, allowing straight hair to retain a temporary curl ... Read More »

Perming Hair With Rollers?

Perming hair as been a popular styling method for many years. A perm introduces a curl or wave to your hair on a long-term basis. A perm can be used in most any type of hair, whether thick or thin,... Read More »

Perming Hair Straight?

Getting a perm is a long-term decision. The chemicals used alter the composition of your hair so it will remain curly, even after washings. The only true way to get your hair naturally straight aga... Read More »

How long must I wait to dye my hair after perming?

On One Hand: Wait Seven DaysPerming is a chemical process intended to alter hair texture. With any dramatic follicle change, damage is likely. Adding additional chemicals, such as hair color dyes, ... Read More »