Permanent Hair Removal Creams & Lotions?

Answer In the past few years, permanent hair removal has been all the rage, whether it's through electrolysis (the process of removing hairs using electric currents), laser hair removal or permanent hair-... Read More »

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How to Use Hair Removal Creams?

Whether you're heading to the beach or growing a mustache that makes people think you are turning into a man, you want to remove that hair. Actually, men and women both grow hair in places they pre... Read More »

Effects of Hair Removal Creams on Health?

Hair-removal creams generally do not have any consequences for general health. However, when not applied properly, they can damage the skin. Does this Spark an idea?

What Creams and Lotions Not to Use If You Have Rosacea?

Characterized by a blushing redness on the face, the chronic skin condition rosacea requires the care of a dermatologist. Rosacea sufferers must use gentle skin-care products diligently and avoid c... Read More »

Permanent Hair Removal?

Consumers typically think of laser hair reduction as a permanent method to remove hair. While laser treatments can significantly reduce hair growth, only electrolysis keeps hair from growing back p... Read More »