Peripheral Vestibular Syndrome?

Answer Peripheral vestibular syndrome, commonly referred as vestibular syndrome, is generally an abrupt condition that causes the loss of balance and the head to tilt. The syndrome is more frequent among ... Read More »

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Central Vs. Peripheral Vestibular?

Both central and peripheral disorders are associated with dizziness, the feeling that objects are moving when they're not and a sensation of spinning. Otherwise, the causes, treatment and many of t... Read More »

Types of Peripheral Vestibular Disorders?

According to the Vestibular Disorders Association (VEDA), the peripheral vestibular system is responsible for relaying information about head positioning to the brain and is a critical component of... Read More »

Peripheral Vestibular Disorders in Dogs?

Canine peripheral vestibular disease can be very traumatic for both the dog and owner. The symptoms associated with this disease may occur suddenly and can resemble other more severe problems. Fort... Read More »

Vestibular Aqueduct Syndrome?

Vestibular aqueduct syndrome, also known as VAS or large vestibular aqueduct syndrome, is a form of hearing loss. This syndrome is caused by growth of the vestibular aqueduct within the internal ea... Read More »