Periods and Sports practice?

Answer Change when you change clothes for practice. Tampons are better for sports. Playtex sport is the best brand for sports tampons. If you are late, just tell the coach you were in the bathroom, he/she... Read More »

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Should I go to Sports Practice Tomorrow?

Ask your coach if its ok to miss practice and if this is a school team or if it's not there should be like and athletic trainer you can talk to. At my high school we have an athletic trainer who if... Read More »

How to Look Pretty at Sports Practice?

Ever feel sweaty and gross during sports practice? No problem. Read on to look better while playing sports. This is not for swimming and other sports that gets your hair and makeup smudged.

How to Pack a Bag for Before School Sports Practice (for Girls)?

Written by a cross country runner, here's a list of essentials for before-school sports practice.

Pains in my lower right hand side . periods late but past two months always get pain when due periods?

You sound pregnant, my dear :) If there is no infection or muscle problems then it can very well be pregnancy pains (Fingers crossed and good luck!)