Period question HELP!!!?

Answer you already had sex and your not even 14 what is your problem?. . .anyway yeah ik the one direction concert is the one nxt year in Pittsburgh and the tickets are already sold out and its not even n... Read More »

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Period question! Please help?

Question about Period Please help?

it's just a lighter period. happens occasionally to everyone; even normally heavy ones.

Period question...Girls please help!!!?

Well I got my period when I was nine. Don't know what my body was thinking! lol I didn't have boobs till about 17, they just began to hurt like crazy & I wound up with 38C from a 24A. I was like "D... Read More »

Period/Tampon question. Please help?

I know how you feel I still have my mom get me tampons and pads and tampons do hurt when it's light. So if you have small/thin pads go with that as long as it doesn't show or stick out of your bath... Read More »