Period question…?

Answer There can be a lot of reasons, other than pregnancy for your periods to cease. Have you recently started or stopped birth control pills? Have you become more physically active, and lost weight? ... Read More »

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Period question HELP!!!?

you already had sex and your not even 14 what is your problem?. . .anyway yeah ik the one direction concert is the one nxt year in Pittsburgh and the tickets are already sold out and its not even n... Read More »

I have a period question!?

Aww, babe. Sometimes that happens when you first get it. Yes, even after six months. Sometimes it takes a while to stabilize. Mine still changes when I travel or if I'm sick/stressed or if I en... Read More »

I have a period question?

Eating properly, taking a daily multi-vitamin, exercise, 8 hours of sleep each night and lots of water will make you feel better every day, but especially on your period. Sleep and water are essent... Read More »

Question about my period?

A tingly feeling associated with needing to pee more frequently than usual is much more likely to be cystitis or other bladder infection than the start of a period. Starting a period is more likely... Read More »