Period problems help!?

Answer hahaha i like that blaah who said i was a virgin hahaaha but a period is normal to come evry 21-35 days ur okay

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Can you be pregnant if the day you were supposed to ge your period you started to get urinary problems like urinate blood and not get your period?

Answer You have a urinary tract infection. Go see the doctor.

Major period problems, cramps, digestive problems?

You sound just like me back in 2002. Turns out I had endometreosis. It sucks hardcore! Heat is your best friend it helps a lot. It's true that taking birth control will help with this problem, but ... Read More »

I have problems with my period why is it always like this i only got it 2 years ago?

It takes longer than 2 years for periods to get regular, so don't worry about that. Cramps and cravings are totally normal, everyone gets them. I know, periods suck, but there isn't a whole lot you... Read More »

Teenage Period Problems?

It is common for teenage girls to experience menstrual problems, including premenstrual syndrome, cramping and irregular periods, according to the websites Kids Health and Teen Growth. Other menstr... Read More »