Period problem. Girls please help me!!?

Answer Can you keep it in a pencil case or a binder? That's what I do. Or if you bring your own lunch, put it in your lunchbox. If nothing else works you could put it in your bra.

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Period problem here. Please help girls?

sounds like the beginning of a uti. drink lots of water. or ( if u can stand it, i cant) drink a glass of water with a lil vinegar poured in it

Is this a problem.. Period Please help?

if you are sexually active i would take a test because that could spottingotherwise have you been stressing out lately? it might cause that since our hormones are so sensitive or you will get it re... Read More »

What is the problem My sister had her period first?

ur not going to get ur period never since ur a man i hate it when people make these stupid questions ur a guy u dont get periods how hard is that if men do have period then u would be pregnant

You are 16yrs old and you see your monthly period every three months. Is it a problem?

You have to pay after and/or take a loan. It can take years to pay back.