Period on the first week of school?

Answer You're going to want to buy some Midol. Seriously, it's like the miracle drug for periods.When you get home you may also want to use a heating pad for the cramps, as it really helps to relax them.... Read More »

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Can one get pregnant the first week after a period ends?

On One Hand: Regular Fertility Cycles of 28+ DaysYou can calculate the length of your fertility/menstrual cycle by recording the first day of your menstrual period over at least eight months. Acco... Read More »

Can your period become heavier during the first week of pregnancy?

Answer If you are having a period, you probably aren't pregnant. And a heavy period isn't a sign of pregnancy, but a light period can be.My sister's period came on with each of her 3 children, and... Read More »

Middle School Activities for the First Week of School?

At the beginning of a new school year, middle school students are buzzing with energy, eager to socialize with one another and ready to see what their new classes are like. Use the first week of sc... Read More »

First period and school!?

It may have gone by monday, your first period is usually light and will be irregular for the 1st few years. You may not need to change if it's gone off but it depends how long your school lasts. Yo... Read More »