Period leak on office chair. Will Shout Wipes work?

Answer Tell her not to worry about it. My guesstimate is it will be fine. As long as it was not a huge amount, and she did not use ten different kinds of stain removers. When you use several kinds of clea... Read More »

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If I download Microsoft Office 2010, will my Office 2007 files still work?

It will do absolutely nothing to the files you have created - they will work just fine in 2007 or 2010.When you install, you can either replace 2007 with 2010 or keep 2007 and install 2010 in addit... Read More »

Will the Office 2007 upgrade work for Office 2003?

The Office 2007 upgrade version will work for a legitimate installation of Office 2003. The upgrade is automatic as soon as you insert the program disk into your CD drive and enter the license key.... Read More »

Will Office 32-bit work on 64-bit PC?

Yes. In fact, Office 2010 will install in its 32-bit incarnation by default, even on a computer running a 64-bit Windows platform. As of July 2010, Microsoft still recommends using a 32-bit version... Read More »

Will Microsoft Office XP work on Vista?

Microsoft Office XP can run on Windows Vista. However, Office XP was retired from mainstream support in 2006, and Microsoft will not offer assistance for any issues that might occur when running Of... Read More »