Period Question! (Girls Only ;)?

Answer If you notice these things, It's a good sign that you will start your period in the next 2 months or so. A big clue to when you will start is an increase in your usual discharge a few days before y... Read More »

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Girls: Question about your period?

For some it's a reliable method but not for me because I don't have one every certain amount of days sometimes it 28 but sometimes it's 24 or whatever. A lot of people have it ever so or so days yo... Read More »

Period question...Girls please help!!!?

Well I got my period when I was nine. Don't know what my body was thinking! lol I didn't have boobs till about 17, they just began to hurt like crazy & I wound up with 38C from a 24A. I was like "D... Read More »

Period question, girls only please?

Always be prepared by this I mean in your purse. As soon as you feel some wetness run to the bathroom. Good Luck!

Girls only: period question. ?

well it only happens every month so i guess you are still new to having your period.