Perfumes That Smell Like Roses?

Answer Rose is a classic and ubiquitous note in women's fragrances, at times to its detriment: the heavy prevalence of rose-scented perfumes has given these florals a reputation for smelling like "old-lad... Read More »

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What Perfumes Smell Like Vanilla?

Do you want to find a new fragrance that smells like vanilla? Vanilla is a popular scent for many different perfumes, but some vanilla-scented fragrances stand out against others. Here are some of ... Read More »

Perfumes That Guys Like?

Scent is a personal thing. Everyone has different body chemistry which means that different scents smell different on people. Scent can also attract the opposite sex. While the perfumes that guys l... Read More »

A poll: what are some things that might smell like urine that shouldn't?

There is a certain ornamental plant...a bush...I know right? An actual plant, that smells very amonia-y...Like cat spray. It's gross but very pretty. It's disconcerting that it is in the parking lo... Read More »

Flowers That Smell Like Vanilla?

Most flowers that smell of vanilla are floral varieties from the orchid family. Many of the orchids and other flowers that emit a vanilla fragrance and are sold in the U.S. today are natives of Mex... Read More »