Perfume Recipes?

Answer Perfume wafts through the air, a reminder of a woman's passing as it lingers. The sweet or spicy smell can become associated with her, making it her special scent. Because perfume mixes with our ow... Read More »

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Essential Oil Recipes for Perfume?

Essential oil recipes for perfume should be created using therapeutic grade essential oils and a pure base oil also known as a carrier oil. You can experiment with dozens of different oil combinati... Read More »

Homemade Perfume Recipes Using Fragrance Oils?

Whether you find it hard to come upon a perfume you like, can't afford the often hefty price tags or even find yourself with skin irritated by synthetic additives, a homemade perfume may be just wh... Read More »

Why do essential oil perfume recipes use distilled water instead of regular tap water?

Distilled water has all impurities removed whereas tap water has minerals, chlorine, etc that can affect the quality and consistency of your essential oil perfumes. You can buy a gallon of distill... Read More »

How to Change Your Recipes To Easy Slow Cooking Recipes?

A slow cooker, sometimes known as a crock pot, is an electric appliance that allows you to cook meat, vegetables and spices on a low temperature for approximately 4 to 10 hours. Slow cooking is pop... Read More »