Perfume Oil Recipe?

Answer A basic perfume oil recipe only requires two ingredients: a base carrier oil and an essential oil. Choosing the right carrier oil and essential oil or essential oil combinations in your recipe will... Read More »

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Perfume Oil Recipe for Men?

Women aren't the only ones who like to smell good. Many men take pride in their appearance and proper hygiene. Men don't want to smell like women, however, so they use cologne. Cologne can be very ... Read More »

Body Oil Perfume Recipe?

Some store-bought perfumes have such a strong smell that it can give you and those around you a headache. If you are sensitive to strong fragrances, but you still want to smell good, there is a sol... Read More »

Root Beer Perfume Recipe?

Root beer perfume is made using the sassafras plant. The main ingredient found in root beer comes from the plant sassafras. Although the entire sassafras plant is fragrant, the roots from the plant... Read More »

A Recipe on How to Make Seductive Perfume?

Perfumes are comprised of three scent notes. Septimus Piesse, a French perfumer, came up with the idea of dividing perfume into notes according to Janice Cox author of "Natural Beauty at Home." The... Read More »