Perennials for Clay Soil That's Wet One Minute & Dry the Next?

Answer Clay soil is not the easiest type of soil to garden in, so selecting plants that can tolerate wet soil and drought is your best chance of success. When clay soil is wet, water displaces the oxygen ... Read More »

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Perennials That Like Heavy Wet Clay Soil?

If you have heavy, wet clay soil in your yard, you may despair of ever growing flowers and vegetables successfully. The majority of annuals and perennials prefer moist, nutrient-rich and well-drain... Read More »

Clay-Loving Perennials?

Clay soil is characterized by its stickiness when wet and its hard, rocklike texture when dry. It's made of tiny particles that cling tightly together, making it hard for a plant's roots to branch ... Read More »

How to Replace Clay Soil?

Clay soil is a notorious culprit that, because of its poor draining abilities, kills plants and trees. While there are plenty of trees such as maples, oaks and hickory that can grow in clay, most p... Read More »

How do I compost clay soil?

Collecting MaterialsCollect equal amounts of high-carbon organic waste and high-nitrogen organic waste. Look for carbon-rich waste in the form of dry, brown materials, such as dead leaves, straw, s... Read More »