Perennials That Like Heavy Wet Clay Soil?

Answer If you have heavy, wet clay soil in your yard, you may despair of ever growing flowers and vegetables successfully. The majority of annuals and perennials prefer moist, nutrient-rich and well-drain... Read More »

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Perennials for Clay Soil That's Wet One Minute & Dry the Next?

Clay soil is not the easiest type of soil to garden in, so selecting plants that can tolerate wet soil and drought is your best chance of success. When clay soil is wet, water displaces the oxygen ... Read More »

What kind of drought tolerant grasses or plants will grow well in a soil that is heavy with clay?

Here you go:…Texas is a drought infested clay having place - so any of these plants/grasses ought to do it.

How do I plant a Colorado spruce in heavy clay soil?

EnvironmentChoose the location where you are planning on planting your tree with care since the trees can grow quite large. A mature Colorado spruce tree can reach heights of 80 feet and diameters... Read More »

Flowers That Grow in Clay Soil?

Clay soils present a challenge to the gardener, since it can retain water and tends toward the alkaline. Gardeners must decide if they want to amend the soil by adding components like sand and orga... Read More »