Perennial Shrub Plants in Sacramento Valley?

Answer The Sacramento Valley, in the central region of California, runs from north to south. This region beginning at Sacramento and continues north to Redding is known for agricultural production. More r... Read More »

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Perennial Hibiscus Shrub?

For an eye-catching addition to the landscape, many gardeners gravitate toward hibiscus. This perennial shrub with its large colorful flowers and lush green foliage gives the garden a tropical feel... Read More »

Deer-Resistant Perennial Shrub for Shade?

While backyards provide an opportunity to see wildlife up close, deer that eat your plants are a nuisance rather than a joy to watch. By planting shrubs, suitable for shaded areas, that deer do not... Read More »

Examples of Shrub Plants?

Shrubs are very similar to trees in that both have woody branches that remain alive throughout the year. Shrubs differ by virtue of branches that grow near or below ground level, while trees typica... Read More »

Perennial Plants for Zone 9?

U.S. Department of Agriculture Plant Hardiness Zone 9 contains southern portions of Louisiana and Texas, the mid section of Florida and portions of Arizona and coastal California. It's a diverse zo... Read More »