Percocet 5/325 recreational dosage ?

Answer percocet won't make you high with more it will make you tired and itchand ruine your liver because pain pills have acetaminophen yours is 325 mgreal bad for the liver your percocet are 5mg oxycodon... Read More »

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What is the usual dosage of percocet?

The most commonly prescribed dosage of Percocet is the 5 mg tablets, with a maximum of 12 per day. Percocet comes in 2.5, 5, 7.5 and 10 mg versions. Percocet dosage is highly individual and depends... Read More »

What is dosage of Cardene Dosage ?

The dose of CARDENE SR should be individually adjusted according to the blood pressure response beginning with 30 mg two times daily. The effective doses in clinical trials have ranged from 30 mg t... Read More »

Recreational Therapist Training?

Recreational therapists use activities to improve the physical and mental condition of patients with injuries, illnesses or disabilities. Therapists often may receive training in using one or more ... Read More »

Day in the Life of a Recreational Therapist?

Recreational therapists help people with disabilities and chronic diseases find ways to enjoy themselves, despite their long-term conditions. They focus on helping clients improve and maintain phys... Read More »