Percentage of Wages Withheld in Pennsylvania?

Answer Along with the Internal Revenue Service's requirements for federal tax withholding, employers in Pennsylvania must comply with various state withholding laws. Pennsylvania employers withhold a set ... Read More »

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How much tax is withheld for wages for SS?

The 2010 Social Security tax rate is 12.4 percent of wages, up to a maximum of $106,800 per person. You pay half of this tax--6.2 percent--through withholding, and your employer pays the other half... Read More »

What percentage of federal tax is withheld?

The amount of federal withholding depends on how much you earn, the number of exemptions you claim, if you make any retirement contributions, and whether or not you are married or single.Source:Was... Read More »

Can a credit card company garnish your wages in Pennsylvania?

Wage garnishment is only permitted under certain circumstances in Pennsylvania, such as to obtain payment for back taxes or child support. A credit card company may sue a Pennsylvania resident, but... Read More »

Is there a free online calculator for what percentage of wages are taken for taxes?

Go to PayCheckCity, enter your data, and it will compute your withholding and take home pay:…