Percent of people in US who live in condos?

Answer According to the most recent information available, about 60 million people in America live in condominiums. If the US population is 300 million, that's about 20%.

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What percent of people in France live in subsidized housing?

According to the French National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies, the percentage of people living in public housing in 2006 was 17.1 percent of the population, which includes an additi... Read More »

Should people who live unhealthy lifestyles have to pay more for insurance than people who live healthy lifest?

Theoretically, yes.In practice, no. Do you want the insurance health cops tracking how much fast food you ate this week? I don't think so.-->Adam

Where do about 75 percent of Russians live?

In the twenty-first century, most Russians live in urban areas--about 75 percent. By contrast, in the early to mid-1900s most Russians--about 80-percent--lived in the country. Russia, the largest c... Read More »

What percent of retirees live in their home after retirement?

About 96 percent of retirees are currently opting to stay in their home after retirement, rather than move into another house, apartment, condo or retirement community. Not since World War II has t... Read More »