Pepsi,Coke,Dr.Pepper, or RootBeer?

Answer I prefer Coke Classic and A&W Rootbeer - no diet either - Pepsi is too syrupy sweet and tastes flat and Dr. Pepper tastes like a bad medicine.SAC

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Rootbeer or cola?

How does rootbeer help plants grow?

Answer The plants use the SUGAR in the Rootbeer, and any other soft drink, but the sugar can also promote bacterial/fungal growth, so stick with a proper commercial fertilizer like Miracle Gro. Wa... Read More »

Drinks to make with rootbeer?

root beer float..?vanilla ice cream and root beer. it's that easy!sorry if it wasn't what you were looking for.

How do you make a rootbeer float?

It is a very complicated two step process:Step one - pour root beer into cup. I like Mug brand root beer, personally.Step two - scoop a big scoop of vanilla icecream into the cupHmmm... not so com... Read More »