Pepper Plant That Makes Small Black Peppers?

Answer Many pepper plants normally grown as ornamentals pack the same culinary punch as other hot peppers. The Black Pearl pepper (Capsicum annuum), for example, is a compact plant that has deep purple le... Read More »

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How many peppers grow on a pepper plant?

one or two at a time , maybe a dozen or so as it grows... Does that anwser it??

How do i grow a black pepper plant?

LocationGrow black pepper plants in a partly shady to full sun location in soil with a pH range of 4 1/2 to 8. This plant thrives well in USDA hardiness zones 3 to 10. Plant in the spring or fall ... Read More »

Will black pepper affect plant growth?

nothing more than decaying away and giving the plant some nutrients

Which Plant Diseases Cause Small White & Black Dots on Leaves?

When small black or white dots begin appearing on the leaves of your plants, your plants could be showing the first sign of plant disease.The plants could be affected by one of several plant diseas... Read More »