People without cable, who else hates the new digital crap!!?

Answer ditto. my son has antenna, converter box, new tv. and now has the priviledge of maybe 2 channels with luck 3 before conversion he has about 20. 40 miles north of chicago. has rotated inch by... Read More »

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What is the differance between Digital Component Cable & Digital Coaxial Audio cable?

Sorry DB they do differ in what freqs they are 75 ohms of impedance. You could substitute one for the other but your best bet is to use the properly designed cable. Don't forget the 10% max rule BT... Read More »

Who Else Hates Twilight?

I agree with you totally. I never knew much about it until my wife suggested I check it out. I thought the books were just plain boring, and then the movie came out, and it was even more boring the... Read More »

Who else hates Facebook?

Can you get digital TV programs without cable service after February 2009?

June 12, 2009, was the last day consumers could get broadcast programming without a digital receiver or a set-top, analog-to-digital converter box. The congressionally mandated move to all-digital ... Read More »