People with Homeopathic Knowledge, Please Help.?

Answer That's really ineresting. When I read this question, I thought "I actually hope Kalos gave a good anti alt med response since this homeopath is 'bad'."I am extremely opposed to people who believe ... Read More »

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People with proper medical knowledge only please.?

Sprains, fractures, dislocations, etc. in a bone or joint are almost impossible to diagnose without an X-ray.I'd GUESS that you at least temporarily dislocated the last bone in your finger. IF this... Read More »

For the people who answer questions in the diabetes section, where you do get your diabetes knowledge from?

With desperation being the primary motivator: Nearly five years of intense research from all sorts of resources.... Books, Internet sites/forums, asking other diabetics and doctors about it, taking... Read More »

How can you tell homeopathic remedies apart from each other?

Because it is virtually impossible - you do the same thing you do in telling two allopathic practitioners apart from each other. To decide which one is useful or useless and tell the difference bet... Read More »

What is homeopathic medication?

Homeopathic medicine, also known as homeopathy, is the practice of using highly diluted substances, like herbs, to cure diseases. It is considered complimentary and alternative medicine (CAM), when... Read More »