People with Homeopathic Knowledge, Please Help.?

Answer That's really ineresting. When I read this question, I thought "I actually hope Kalos gave a good anti alt med response since this homeopath is 'bad'."I am extremely opposed to people who believe ... Read More »

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People with proper medical knowledge only please.?

Sprains, fractures, dislocations, etc. in a bone or joint are almost impossible to diagnose without an X-ray.I'd GUESS that you at least temporarily dislocated the last bone in your finger. IF this... Read More »

Please help me with your knowledge of SACD (Super Audio) home theatre systems?

All-in-one systems are a great way to start a multi-channel system, but there is always the danger (which happens sooner than later), that the weakest component (the DVD drive) fails much sooner th... Read More »

Please help!need advise from people with experience with a family member with cancer & relationships?

Cancer is a HORRIBLE disease, not only for the patient but the family too. It weighs heavily on the emotional and character of everyone affected.Sadly it is a long process and very debilitating, cr... Read More »

Based on knowledge/ experience what do you think of this cancer diagnosis/ prognosis Help please?

Something must have been misunderstood somewhere, as this is not early stage disease, it is end stage disease. So no, I cannot agree with the prognosis. This is not curable. I’m sorry. Also, the... Read More »