People who drink alcohol all the time.........................?

Answer You will find that about 85% of recovering alcoholics have a substantially higher than average IQ with far higher than average earning capacity than normal folk, this is of course provided they are... Read More »

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Why do people drink alcohol?

Apparently it is good to a lot of people or else they wouldn't drink it. I have never had a drink in my life, nor desire one and I am in my early 20's. I think you pretty much answered your own que... Read More »

Why people drink alcohol?

To give revenue to the government and to become poor from the rich.

How much alcohol should I drink my first time?

First time, I'd say 4 drinks should be your limit -- you don't have much weight or tolerance. A drink would be a regular strength beer, or a shot (45mL) of 80 proof liquor. I would not reccomend ... Read More »

Are people aged 13 allowed to drink alcohol in their own home...?

It is in fact legal to have drink in the home @ your age.