People who drink alcohol all the time.........................?

Answer You will find that about 85% of recovering alcoholics have a substantially higher than average IQ with far higher than average earning capacity than normal folk, this is of course provided they are... Read More »

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How much alcohol should I drink my first time?

First time, I'd say 4 drinks should be your limit -- you don't have much weight or tolerance. A drink would be a regular strength beer, or a shot (45mL) of 80 proof liquor. I would not reccomend ... Read More »

Why do people drink alcohol?

Apparently it is good to a lot of people or else they wouldn't drink it. I have never had a drink in my life, nor desire one and I am in my early 20's. I think you pretty much answered your own que... Read More »

Why people drink alcohol?

To give revenue to the government and to become poor from the rich.

Why do people get mean and nasty when they drink alcohol?

Well ........ as already well documented ... not all are mean and nasty ....but, those are the ones to avoid .... the happy drunks are sometimes a bitobnoxious but harmless .... and there's sad dru... Read More »