People who choose alternative methods to cancer treatment.....Who gives them the diagnosis of cancer?

Answer We recently used “alternative care” to help a family member in getting better from cancer. The cancer was diagnosed by the surgeon and a colorectal surgeon removed the tumor. However it was sta... Read More »

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What should i say to people who tells me that i look really good after my cancer diagnosis?

You need to thank them politely and just forget then and there.It is better to go ahead with your life with ongoing treatment.In life if you react negatively ,you will hear more comments.Just recip... Read More »

I Saw, This Morning ("House Call", CNN), people Saying that "Cancer Rates Are Falling", Do they Mean, "Cancer-?

Agree with ZrepMD and Panda - - as usual.Here's the ACS data doctor Greg562,340 deaths in 2009 from cancer (estimated)565,650 deaths in 2008 Lung cancers in the USA peaked in the 1990's when I was ... Read More »

How to Respond when You Get a Cancer Diagnosis?

Many people, when first hearing they have some form of cancer, react with feelings of hopelessness and fear, unaware that nowadays cancer, even when it has spread (metastasized) is viewed as a trea... Read More »

Mom has uterine cancer...what does this diagnosis mean?

Dhananjaya STOP PRETENDING TO BE A DOCTOR.Krizel, I am so sorry be she has a stage 4b cancer. Your mother’s doctor should have explained this to her.