People who cant pay their taxes on home?

Answer A delinquent property tax owner.

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Do Wealthy People Pay More Taxes Than Middle Class People?

There are many factors that play a role in the amount of taxes an individual or couple is required to pay. Before examining them, let's define "middle class." Under the definition used by the Publi... Read More »

Ugly people - should they pay more taxes?

You shouldn't base it on looks.Define ugly.There are far too many definitions.Some may think you're pretty , some may think you are the ugliest person alive. It's ones OPINION!!So no.Everyone who i... Read More »

How many people owe back taxes?

Over 8.3 million Americans owed back taxes to the federal government, according to representatives from the IRS office in southwest Houston. These back taxes totaled about $83 million, or about $10... Read More »

How many people pay federal taxes?

In 2010, 53 percent of Americans paid U.S. federal income taxes. Tax cuts and a difficult recession conspired to erase many people's tax liability that year. In a normal year, 62 percent of America... Read More »