People say im skinny but i know im fat, please help!:(?

Answer Body image issues. Honey, most of your friends say you are thin because you are.Please please don't complain about this to them, because they will get pissed at you, because most people your age we... Read More »

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Do really skinny people break bones easier than not really skinny people?

Short answer: yes.Longer explanation: Bones are useful because they give muscles something to act on. As a body increases its muscular strength, the pressure and stress the muscles place on bones ... Read More »

If they can bash and hate naturally skinny people, why are plus sized people being praised?

you rock girl! seriously! im tellin you, we should have a major Y!A protest agianst this! woohoo!i agrre 100%im 5'1 and 85 lbs. and i hate being called anerexia wen i accually eat healthy(and some... Read More »

Why is it ok to call skinny people (+natural ones) 'sticks/skeletons' and not to call all fat people 'whales'?

Hmm interesting question.. I completely agree with you though.People always call me a twig and a stick and i just feel like calling them a fatass but i cant :/ Its because being skinny is considere... Read More »

Name 3 people in Hollywood who are WAY too skinny?

Lindsay LohanNicole RichieMary-kate Olsen