People say baking soda makes dermatitis better but it makes mine worse?

Answer You must be allergic, i would ask my druggist if they have anything for your problem.

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Why do people drink water&baking soda?

People drink baking soda and water as an antacid, to help relieve heartburn or an upset stomach. Arm & Hammer recommends dissolving exactly half a teaspoon in half a glass of water. Extended or fre... Read More »

What food makes congestion worse?

On One Hand: Certain foods may make congestion worseDairy products, including milk, cheese and yogurt, are among foods containing the milk protein casein that worsens congestion, according to a Pur... Read More »

Eating apple makes acid reflux much worse?

Because they have acid. On an empty stomach is a bad idea, eat something beforehand, maybe something which has a calming effect on your condition. Weird that oranges wouldn't do the same, perhaps i... Read More »

What makes soda unhealthy?

soda is bad for you. it is bad because of the sugars, fats, and sodium. those are the main three(3) things. there are other reasons but these are the most common.