People posting virus/malware links on Y!A?

Answer Thanks for the tip!That is just wrong! I hope they get deleted!

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Can u really earn money by posting links for google?

Adsense is definitely not a get rich quick scheme. And if you have people aimlessly clicking on your ads, you will find that Google will not only take the money you've tried to scam out of them, th... Read More »

Can Posting Google Ads/Links make you money?

If it does, you will most likely have to work at it and I'm guessing you are asking because you just want to set it up and forget about it and rake in the cash. Right?

Is this a scam/ joke Posting links for Google and getting paid?

Hey, hate to say this, but these are scams, abusing the name of Google, while they are actually not at all connected to Google... they promise you alot, and when you take a look at it, it seems as ... Read More »

USER Emilie B is posting virus links everywhere, beware?

I've seen many spam bots like this - the sad part is that yahoo isn't doing anything about this...There are even some posters who vote on their own stupid answers and that's the part which annoys m... Read More »