People oppose me being vegan?

Answer well, i actually became vegetarian and switched to vegan as well. i dealt with the same thing. i have copied your questions and entered my reply on the side."don't you want to be healthy?" - of cou... Read More »

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Why do people oppose the holocaust but still support factory farming?

They are morons.Billions of animals have been killed (and continue to be killed) because of factory farming, only a few million people were killed in the holocaust.

Why do people become vegan?

Honestly it makes no sense to me either. the only legitimate reason I see for someone being vegan is if they are like lactose intolerant and want to be a vegetarian as well. And it really makes no ... Read More »

Why are people vegan?

I realize eggs you buy from the store aren't fertilized's kind of like taking an egg from your ovary and cooking it for breakfast. Disturbing? To me, yes. It's not really necessary for bak... Read More »

How do people get the will power to become vegan?

It's' a question of metaphysics .You won't' understand it .2 people in the world will .