People of the dental section?

Answer Mine is Mario 'Shiny Incisors' Basler.

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Why Do Some People In This Section, Get So Upset Over People Having Friendships Online?

Uh oh Charli, you and this secret life you are having without me *shakes finger* tut tut.I miss out on inside jokes all the time I can feel my undies are getting in a wad........OH NO the anger is ... Read More »

How many people know you in the baby name section?

What are some things you would just like people to "get over" in this section?

I am a mother, and I work out of the homeGet over it.I spank my daughter when I feel it is appropriateGet over itI had unprotected sex with a man and got pregnant at 19Get over it.

What people from this section do you dislike?

I don't have time to play psychological games with the people looking for attention. Anyway, "hate" requires emotional involvement, and I don't have time for that, either.I will say this, however:... Read More »