People laugh at me because i don't smoke or drink ....?

Answer Finally someone smart on this planet. Sheesh.It is because you are "different", and yes that is completely and utterly dumb and ridiculous. I am the same, my classmates drink and literally pass out... Read More »

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You dont drink dont smoke what do you do?

No..don't do that or you'll be a "Goody Two Shoes" Lol :))

I am a vegitarian and people laugh at me only because I like to help animals not kill them, what should I do?

Join the club. That comes along with being veggie. Sorry. I know it can be tough. When they make fun of you think of how much you are helping the animals. Think of the animals. Whatever you d... Read More »

I dont get how people can smoke lawn grass?

I guess you can smoke anything if you've a mind to. I sure wouldnt. Too many grass nuts spray pesticides on their lawn and I sure wouldnt smoke that. Whoever does this probably dries the grass a... Read More »

Why dont people drink tap water?

You're lucky - my water is clear but boy does it taste of chemicals ??? In the past week its got worse and tea made with tap water tastes like its had disenfectant added - its disgusting !!!!!