People in Canada cannot see my facebook pictures.?

Answer go on your privacy setting and set up your setting to public

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How do I block people from viewing my pictures on facebook?

When you're tagged in a photo it appears on your timeline. Just go click to little icon that appears on the top right when you put the cursor on the photo. You can hide it from your timeline. But p... Read More »

How to block people from seeing pictures on facebook?

You cant block two people from seeing that pic. If that photo's audience is friends or friends of friends then You can add them to restricted list, then they wont see it. Go to privacy settings, yo... Read More »

Why are people changing their profile pictures to cartoons on Facebook?

You people are such fools to think putting some cartoon picture up makes any difference on the awareness. Thats why so many people are questioning why its being done,because when they see it they d... Read More »

How can I prevent certain people from commenting on my pictures on Facebook?

you cant prevent her from commenting on it if she can see it, so you would have to hide the picture from her instead